ID size
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OD: 35.0mm
Length: 45.0mm
Drill size range from 22.25 to 26.0mm

BSS code: PH35R
Case hardened to a depth of 0.030" to 62-64HRC
ID to F7 tolerance
OD to n6 tolerance

Metric Headed dimensions

Metric ISO Tolerances & fits

Headed press fit bushes are generally used where a single operation such as drilling or reaming is performed, and replacement due to wear is not anticipated during the life of the tooling. The shoulder or  ‘top hat’ style is convenient for pressing the bush home and is also useful when it is desired to feed down to a dead stop. They are generally preferable where heavy axial loads may force a headless bush out of the jig plate. This type of bush can also be used for accurate alignment and location purposes.

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